sometimes, prayers really are answered and rescuers are the angels

sometimes, prayers really are answered and rescuers are the angels

My group, Southern Animal Rescue, is regularly, no – constantly – overwhelmed with too many animals in our own homes, because we cannot find enough people willing to foster. On top of that, we get pleas from other rescuers and individuals in dire situations pleading for us to help them, and usually the help they need is for immediate animal placement. Sometimes we can “make” room, sometimes we cannot.
We got wind of a particularly heartbreaking situation, where a rescuer in Dallas, GA is in failing health – as in, stage 3 ovarian cancer – and does not know what will happen to her foster cats once she passes. The hard part in this particular situation is not that we need to find placement for 15 cats (which, don’t get me wrong, is VERY hard) the hard part is that 4 of these cats have FIV, which makes placement for them next to impossible. Believe me I know, I have an FIV+ kitty living in my bedroom. My rescue partner in crime, Leslie, got to work immediately making flyers to post and emails to send – reaching out to rescue contacts all over the US, including FIV Sanctuaries, hoping someone, somewhere, would be able to help. No response from anyone for weeks, and then suddenly a miracle hit her inbox.

“Dear Jen and David,

I’ve learned of your organization through my friend Liz K, who contacted you about her FIV rescue Tink. She was elated when she heard that you had a spot for him!

I just received an appeal yesterday for Bonnie, local cat rescuer who is failing her treatment for Stage 3 ovarian cancer. She has rescued cats for years now in the Dallas, GA area, which has a high kill rate in the local shelters. Word got to me that her battle with cancer is waning. The issue is that she has ~15 cats that will have nowhere to go, as she doesn’t have family here. I’m taking some, am trying to get local groups I know to take some, and have created a flyer (attached and below) that I sent to local cancer survivor groups, hoping that her story would resonate with area adopters.

The big problem is that 4 of her kitties are FIV+. I know you know how ridiculously hard it is to get FIV kitties adopted, and that’s when they’re already in rescue. Bonnie’s time is severely limited, and finding placement for these 4 is going to be really tough and perhaps not possible. If they hit animal control in Dallas, they’ll just be euthanized immediately because of their condition.

You know where I’m headed…I’m writing in somewhat desperation to see if you all have any room in your sanctuary for these 4 kitties. I will personally guarantee a minimum $200 donation for each one, with hopefully more if I can raise more. All 4 are healthy, fixed, vaccinated, etc. 2 of the 4 are best friends with a non-FIV kitty (Sugar) that Bonnie would love to accompany them, but I’m unsure how feasible that is.

I totally understand if you cannot take them – you are already going way above and beyond by running an FIV sanctuary. I would like to do this one day when I have the resources. My heart particularly bleeds for this case because not only is Bonnie going to pass away soon, there is a high chance that her rescue kitties might as well. I know she’s agonizing over their futures, and any peace that I can help bring her regarding their safety and comfort is the least I can do to honor her rescue efforts. Any help that you all can offer, or help us get, would be so immensely appreciated.

Thanks so much for reading, and hope to speak with you soon –

Leslie C”



We are willing to take the kitties that you are trying to place. It is very hard to place FIV cats and we would like to ease Bonnie’s mind during this most difficult time in her life by accepting all five cats.

I will contact you this weekend to discuss the details.



Prayers and angels, have created a miracle for a dying rescuer and her rescues. It’s a good day.

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